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IPO Advisory

Cross-border listing, Global Expansion

The IPO Advisory team of K&TPartners is conducting the listing of domestic companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange(SGX)and the Hong Kong Exchange(HKEX), which have been incorporated into MCSI (Advanced Countries Index) since 2017.

We are helping Korean companies grow overseas as a global company by procuring overseas capital through listing and expanding into global markets.

Business Development


Southeast Asia is a highly likely market. But there are many barriers to advance into Southeast Asia. This is because Southeast Asia is not a single country but an area with many cultures and histories.

K&TPartners will work with many strategic investor in Singapore to help domestic companies grow in Southeast Asia.



Through K&TPartners's Seabox, we observe companies that have entered the Southeast Asian market with strategic investor in Singapore.

We also look at the company over a long period of time, helping them to think and grow about the differentiation, competitiveness, value, and vision of the company.

K&TPartners's own SOFA IR allow clients to grow more reliably in the Southeast Asian market.

Runcher Academy

Educational program for all those who are interested in Southeast Asia

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