IPO Advisory
Cross-border listing, Global Expansion

What We Do?

From the foundation work for the public disclosure of the SGX and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) or the listing of the stock exchange, it is necessary to attract external capital, act as a proxy for registration or listing procedures, and protect large shareholders' Comprehensive advice and guidance. 

We work closely with the sponsor who can manage the Pre-IPO and IPO, and work in the Pre-IPO and IPO sectors in Korea and overseas. We organize about 3 ~ 4 TF for each deal

투자(Pre IPO) : 6~9 Month

Establish a platform for global companies through overseas investment before listing

Deal Sourcing

Document (IM, Noname Teaser, etc)

IFRS Supporting

Investor Road Show with Sponsor

Sponsor IR & Road Show

MAS & KYC Supporting

Site Visit Supporting

Due Diligence Supporting

성장(Value up) : 9~15 Month

Preparing for global companies

Monthly Report

M&A Consulting

Marketing and sales support for expanding Southeast Asian market

성장(IPO) : 9~12 Month

Global company leap through overseas listing

Interview Local Professionals Supporting

Site Visit Supporting

Due Diligence Supporting

Drafting Meeting Supporting

Circulate Draft Board Memorandum(6th) Supporting

Peer Review Conference with Sponsor