Business Development
Now, Southeast Asia


K&TPartners' consulting program for Southeast Asia

The goal of KNT Partners is the growth and development of our client with us. 

It takes a lot of resources to go abroad. There are many things you need to do: market research to find target market, legal procedures such as corporate registration, locally tailored tax structuring, finding reliable partners, and hiring local people. 

But the time to do all of these things is short.

In order to grow steadily in the local area, investment in local capital is also essential. 

Based on our network with Singaporean investors, KNT Partners has established key partnerships as a way for companies to effectively enter Southeast Asian markets, helping them generate sales, and collaborating with strategic investors to attract investment in the future 

Brand operations

KNT Partners operates domestic trendy brands based on its skilled workforce and know-how

Export distribution

K&TPartners is engaged in export distribution to Southeast Asia centered on Singapore. 

Leveraging our global network of distributors, we help our brand partners quickly and efficiently enter the marketplace 

where they want to grow